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On this our pilot episode, the boys of CATFISH COMEDY will be reviewing an assortment of delicious RAP SNACK Brand Snacks. These are our all time favorite snacks at the moment so we going to eat them shits and tell yall what's good. Ya know? Subscribe to our channel for more badass content!
HEY! On episode two of Kinda Late Night w/ Garth I discuss what I did on St Patrick's day last weekend. We also have special guest Bryan Wooldridge on the show this week. Things got pretty wild at one point and a car almost crashed into the studio.
Hey yall! Im Tucker from CATFISH COMEDY. I'm pretty good with my hands so I like to keep em busy. I figured I'd walk yall through a few of projects on the Youtubes. On this first episode here I'll be getting hammered while building a bird-house. Subscribe if yall like it.



Tucker was born in the gift shop area of a Cracker Barrell on a cold day in March. He enjoys going on booze filled adventures with locals and catching birds with his bare hands. Tucker and Garth have been enemies since either of them could remember, going back to when Tucker burned Garth’s G.I.Joes. Even though they disagree with a lot of things, they have Deedar to keep them friends. Tucker’s most recent exploit was buying a cheetah print sea-do that he aptly named “The Chee-do”. Tuck and Deedar have been best friends since childhood and Tuck might be dead if it weren’t for Deedar getting him out of trouble with a local satanic cult. Tucker can draw an exact replica of the Grand Canyon from memory and likes eating beef jerky.



Garth was born in Louisiana during the 20th century. He is from a very tight-knit family, which includes his famous and influential Uncle Terry (a former roadie for many notable musical artists, such as Ratt and The Monkees). Growing up, Garth always liked drinking, smoking, conspiracy theories, boating, tubing, and getting f*cked up. Garth still likes all those things. After a recent prison stint, Garth has become much more technologically proficient, mastering the use of advanced web-based platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. He also now owns a PlayStation 4, which he bought with money made at his new oyster-shucking job (thanks, LA Department of Corrections!). Garth is single, ready to mingle, and incredibly attractive/nice/cool/hot. He is also very nurturing, as he cares for a large family of Northern Pintail ducks that live with him (mainly in the backyard, but sometimes in the bedroom when it's cold out). Slide in his DMs on Twitter for more info!



HEY! I'm Deedar. Ya know? My life wasn't much different than all of yours I suppose....I grew up a dirt-dobber who loved eating bags of powdered donuts and watching pro wrestling all day. Who dont?! When I was about eight years old I started working at a Dixie Tread tire factory right outside Valdosta, GA. That's where I met my best friend, Tucker. He had threw a rock through the window of the factory I was at, and Ill be damned if it didn't fall right down on my head. I grabbed it up and headed outside to open up a can of "whoop-ass" on this dipshit, and the next thing I know were having beers in the parking lot! Laughing like cackle-bats, and now were both throwing damn rocks through the windows of our LIVES! Ya know it?! We meandered through life for a while after that. Living, loving, getting fired from a buttload of other jobs along the way. Tucker and I went to a couple of improv classes here in New Orleans a few years back from a bearded fella that WOULD NOT STOP TALKING BOUT HIS CATS... After about a "level" of that shit we decided we didn't need no more teaching. So when Garth got out of jail we let him sit and be funny with us. Turns out this S.O.B. had been studying comedy on the inside of the slammer, and was all good at impersonations and shit now! Once the three of us got in a room together two things always happened. People LAUGHED, and the room was left smelling like rum and beef jerkey for about the next two weeks.Ya know?